Upcoming Goat Party

Third Annual SCI Goat Party
Saturday October 20th, 2012

The Third Annual SCI goat party will be on the third Saturday of October 2012. (October 20th). We hope you'll join the gang!

Our RSVP response list is just starting, but so far we have John Carroll from Nebraska (he has 6 bloodlines and about 35 adult goats), and Jerry Gauquie from Minnesota (5 bloodlines, 28 adult goats). They're both up for trade/sell, whatever, so get your dreams going on what you'd like to add to your herd from far away, and they might be able to help. We're also happy to have from Virginia The Hardestys, Margy Day, Leslie Edmundson, and Sarah Butcher and Stephen Howell. Also, West Virginia's Ervin Bensenhaver, who took photos of (and bottlefed) SCI feral goats on the Island back in the 1950's will be here. And guess who else? Eric Hallman, the new Executive Director of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has promised to be here. We are proud to have some Furtue Breeders coming, too! With luck Pennsylvania can join us. Check back for Maryland, Ohio, Masachussetts, North Carolina, and more. . . The list is just beginning.

Frankly, this is a landmark party for SCI goat breeders' meeting and trading, and it might be awhile or never before we see the likes of it again. Keep checking back for attendance updates, but if you ever wanted to get into some different bloodlines or meet all the other breeders from out-of-state, now's the time!

The party will be held in The Plains, VA. It's about 50 minutes from Winchester, VA, and 50 minutes from Washington, D.C.

Closest Bed and breakfasts are in Middleburg and Aldie, but those can get a little pricey. Warrenton is fairly close and has a selection of less expensive chain-hotels (Like best Western etc.) You're always welcome to pitch a tent or set up a camper in the backyard! Sorry, but Nebraska already snagged our one guest room. We'll post a few local B&B and motel options soon. . . some take dogs.

We'll be doing a BBQ. Potluck is invited, but not expected. We have tree-nut and peanut allergies here among our little guests, so a cashew-salad wouldn't work well, and a steaming coconut dish might send a kid to the emergency room.
Beer and wine additions most welcome, especially as we're such an eclectic group. . . a few drinks might help!

We will have a Mommies Only Room for nursing and napping. Children are welcome, and should dress for mess.

Please revisit this page regularly, it will be updated for accommodations and more RSVPs.

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