Phillip and Heather Cronin
Nook Farm
1 Nook Road
Plymouth, MA 02360–2939

Doug Davis
Davis' Farmland
145 Redstone Hill
Sterling, MA 01564

David, Linda, and Jessie Harvey
Wellsbrook Farm
23 Russell Mills Road
Plymouth, MA 02360
508–746–1017 home
508–284–4151 cell


John Truelson
Plimoth Plantation
PO Box 1620
Plymouth, MA 02360-1620
508–746–1622 ext. 8216

Regional Information

There is low selenium in the soil in Massachusetts. Goats should receive selenium supplements in mineral salt or by injection.

Dairy Information

Milk samples may be sent to:

Dairy One
730 Warren Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

Fees (updated December 2007): $5.85 per sample to test fat, protein, and somatic cell count.
Best to call before you send the sample.

State Regualtions

All goats except for immediate slaughter shipped or in any way transported into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from any point outside thereof must be accompanied by a health certificate approved by the livestock official of the state of origin, except for immediate slaughter, and shall be:
1) Free of scabies, lice, foot-rot, sore mouth, and have not been exposed to scrapie
2) Must be negative to an official Brucellosis test within 30 days, if over 6 months of age.
3) From Accredited Free State for TB (these do change though, folks)—No TB test required.
   From States Not Accredited Free for TB—Must be negative to Tuberculosis test within 60 days.

Under the new USDA Scrapie Eradication Program that began in November of 2001, most categories of sheep and goats entering Massachusetts will have to have official scrapie ID tags. These tags, and further information about the categories of sheep and goats which will require the tags for interstate movement, can be obtained from state or regional USDA/APHIS Veterinary Services Offices, or by calling the scrapie eradication program information line USDA APHIS VS at 866–873–2824. The health certificate must show the status of herd for TB and Brucellosis.

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