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Sarah LaFreniere - Livestock Manager
152 Harrison Ave.
Newport, RI 02840

Regional Information

There is low selenium in the soil in Rhode Island. Goats should receive selenium supplements in mineral salt or by injection.

Dairy Information

Milk samples may be sent to:

Dairy One
730 Warren Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

Fees (updated February 2007): $5.85 per sample to test fat, protein, and somatic cell count.
Best to call before you send the sample.

State Regulations

To import a goat into Rhode island, you need:

1. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and an Import Permit,
2. Rabies vaccination not more than one year nor less than thirty days prior to entry into Rhode Island. The rabies vaccination must be administered by a veterinarian licensed in the state of origin.
3. Brucellosis test (if goat is over four months of age) within 30 days immediately prior to entry into the state.
4. Tuberculosis test within sixty (60) days immediately prior to entry into Rhode Island.
5. Test negative for Anaplasmosis and Bluetongue if goat is from any area in which these are endemic.

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