South Carolina


John and Audrey Bettger
Barksdale Organic Farms
Laurens, SC 29360

Regional Information

The selenium levels in the soil in South Carolina vary. Goats on low selenium areas should receive selenium supplements in mineral salt or by injection. Goat owners should contact their local extension office to determine the selenium level in their area, or the area in which their hay is grown.

State Regulations

Goats entering South Carolina are required to have:

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (valid for 30 days)including the statement "Not infected with, exposed to, or from a flock or area under quarantine for scabies, scrapie, blue tongue, or any other contagious or communicable diseases."

TB and Brucellosis tests within 30 days if not from accredited or certified herd.

Official Individual Identification.

For recent updates and/or specific questions, please call 803–788–2260 ext. 223. Please also check the Emergency Notices for other requirements.

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