South Dakota


Great Plains Zoo
Lisa Smith
Director of Animal Programs
805 South Kiwanis Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
phone: 605–367–7003
fax: 605–367–8338

Regional Information

The selenium levels in the soil in South Dakota are generally adequate. If your hay is imported from out of state, please check the selenium levels in the area where you hay is grown.

State Regulations

All Livestock from Michigan and Texas must have permits issued only by an Animal Industry Board veterinarian.
Call 605–773–3321 Monday–Friday (8AM to 5PM) for these requirements and permits. After hours permits are handled by an answering machine at the above number. Leave the information requested and it will give you a permit number.
After hours regulatory questions should be directed to:
Dr. Sam Holland – (605) 224-7485 OR
Dr. Charles Seagren – (605) 945-2822 OR
Dr. Dustin Oedekoven – (605) 224-1616

All goats entering South Dakota need:

1. Health certificate
The following statements MUST appear on the health certificate:
(1) “These animals are free from infectious, contagious diseases.”
(2)“All animals are from non-quarantined flocks.”

2. Permit number. (see above)

3. Individual official identification (Scrapie Identification tags, official USDA Identification ear tags, or breed registration tattoo) listed on health certificate.

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