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Photo courtesy of SVF FoundationGoat meat is delicious. There has always been a demand for goat meat in the United States, and it continues to grow. Goat meat is met with increasing popularity as the country's culinary tastes expand to include more cultural diversity. Try it if you can.

San Clemente Island goats reflect their insular history by being small and fine-boned, but can still be an excellent meat goat.

Some may question whether or not it is ethical to eat an endangered animal. The more uses we have for these goats, the more popular they'll become. It's much easier to save a breed that has proven agricultural value. San Clemente Island goats may be small, but they're also fuel-efficient.

We now have a report from one of our breeders who tried 3 different 2-year-old bucks. He reports that the meat was very tasty, and had good flavor but was not too goaty. He recommends San Clemente Island goat meat as an excellent "slow growth" meat.

Restaurants are excited about serving locally-raised meats, and the demand for organic and humanely-raised meat continues to grow.

Commercial meat goat breeders are also getting interested in San Clemente Island goats. Some of these breeders would like to add the hardiness of San Clemente Island goats into their herds, and these herds may contain percentages of Boer goats, Kiko goats, and others. For those of us who have worked hard to keep purebred San Clemente Island goats going, the thought of allowing them to be purposely mixed with crossbreeds might at first seem like a waste. However, if you do have a good-quality buck that you don't need, that no other breeder needs, and whose genetics are readily available and well-represented, please consider selling him to a commercial breeder who seeks hardiness and who is comfortable with a smaller goat. Spanish goats avoided extinction due to the demand from commercial breeders for their hardy genes, and it would do us well to increase the demand for San Clemente Island goats in similar arenas.

We recommend "The Meat Goat Handbook" by Yvonne Zweede-Tucker, published January 2012. It's complete but not complicated, and addresses meat goat ranching from all perspectives. It includes loads of San Clemente Island goat photos from SCI breeders across the USA!
Buying it direct from the author will keep the profits on her farm! You can do this at

Measure your goat!
Let's see how much size difference there is to these goats. And then we have the question—is it the age or the genes or the diet?

Goat Sex Age Height at shoulder
Ransom Male 2 years old 31 inches
Ray Female 7 years old 30 inches
Tom's New Buck Male 1½ years old 23 inches

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