SCI Goat Party!

Second Annual SCI Goat Party, October 2011

We had a blast at this year's annual San Clemente Island goat party! The weather held out. We had "old" breeders, young breeders, new breeders, old goats, new goats, and interesting folks. We had loads of food, drink, and children. But mainly, we had a chance to get together and get into all kinds of goat-y conversations, and to exchange different perspectives. . . and goats, too!
The party lasted until well after dark.

Our party was both fun and productive. We enjoyed the company of the Kratzer Family, Pennsylvania, who brought a gorgeous buck for Margy Day, Virginia, who also brought home a Little River wether for company.
From Virginia, The Williams (current Spanish Breeders who are considering adding an SCI program), and The Couch Family, also perspective breeders, came to check out the goats.
We were honored to have the company of Milton and Eugenia Blake, (yup, the BLAKE BLOODLINE!) whose herd lived feral in the North Carolina hills, and contributed 30 goats to the Gil line in Canada way back when. Their grandson, Quinn Blake, drove them 6½ hours just to get here from North Carolina, and was assigned as Party Photographer. Thank you, Quinn!
During the party the Hardestys made a breeding match for their herd this fall—just in time!
Ervin Bensenhaver from West Virginia came with wife June, and his lovely Virginia family came to meet him here for fun on the farm. Ervin's 1957 goat photos from San Clemente Island were a hit, and he kindly brought SCI maps for our guests!
My local goat friends The Seelys came, bringing years of dairy goat wisdom.

It would be hard to improve on this year's party, but next year we'll give more than 2 weeks notice, and there are a few breeders who couldn't be here that should be here in 2012. We'll be putting out the party date for next year's party in January 2012 once people buy their calendars. . . if you need (or your goats need) to arrange for local accommodations, please let us know! It'll be a bit earlier in October, so we don't miss Fall Colors.

We didn't get good shots of everyone, but here are a few. . .

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who attended. For your (super delicious) food, your kindness, and your commitment to the breed! S

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