SCI Goat Party!

Fourth Annual SCI Goat Party, October 2013

Another Fantastic Goat Party!

Thank you everyone for coming! We were happy to welcome guests from Minnesota, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania to this year's SCI goat party. The food was excellent, with pretty excellent pot-luck (and Leslie left the BBQ duties to Paul this time thank goodness).
Our great goat group included newbie and wanna-be breeders, as well as breeders with a wide array of experience. Some guests left with new goats, some left with new friendships, and everyone walked away with more information than they arrived with.

The next San Clemente Island Goat Party will be held on the third Saturday of October 2014—we're already expecting guests from California, Minnesota, Nebraska, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina, so put it on your calendar and we'll see you then!

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