How to Buy a Goat

Novice Guide to Buying Your First San Clemente Island Goat

You don't have to have a big herd to be a San Clemente Island goat breeder. Most of the people who have San Clemente Island goats just have a few of them, and we're really grateful for small breeders—if it wasn't for small breeders, these goats would be extinct. But if you do get a breeding doe, there is a social responsibility to breed her to the best of your ability.

This page is for all the novice breeders out there who want to start raising San Clemente Island goats on a small scale, but need help buying one in the first place.

Finding Breeders
A list of San Clemente Island breeders is on our Breeder List page. Breeders are also listed on our Map page, so you can see who's within travelling distance. If no breeders are near you, the Transport page could help you figure out how much it'll cost to bring your goat home. If you don't have alot of money, it's OK to put the word out that you're looking for a bargain. Feel free to use our For Sale page to place a Wanted ad. To do this, contact us with your details, and we can post the ad for you (no charge).

Finding Good Goats
Some breeders might be very quick to point out why their goats are better than the goats next door. If you suspect you're hearing gossip, don't worry about it and don't let it affect you too much. Every breeder has their own ideas on what makes a goat "good," and those differences just work to keep genetic diversity going.

If you're buying both male and female goats, please read our Breeding page.

There's a good chance that you may have to buy a goat without looking at it first. Many of us are happy to buy a goat without a photo if we can get a reasonably good description over the phone. Health questions are important, and you also need to be clear to breeders what you'd like to have in your goat so they can help you make a good match. If you're hoping to milk, say so. If you're looking for a weedeater, some goats excell more than others, so that's important, too. Or you may want a stocky meat type, or a lawn ornament with the perfect gait. Whatever information you give will help the breeder fix you up with your dream goat.
However, your selection will be limited with San Clemente Island goats, because they're so rare—so it's a lot different than buying a "mainstream goat"—you're lucky to find one and if you want to get really picky you'll just have to do a bit of selective breeding in your own backyard. Don't expect to show up, see a barnful of cute baby goats, and say, "I'll have THAT one!"

It'll All Come Together
It would be nice to be able to engage in buck trades etc., but chances are the nearest buck will be too far away to do this. You're probably going to need your own doe and buck to reach your goal of breeding San Clemente Island goats. Get the does first, worry about the buck later. Does sometimes take awhile to settle in before they get pregnant, so you'll have time to find a quality buck. If you get an adult doe, you might as well ask if she could be bred before you get her. However, it's pushing it a little to ask for a pre-shipping pregnancy test as well, unless you're up to paying for it. If you're new to owning a buck, we can vouch for the character of San Clemente Island bucks. They're very polite. But please, don't buy a doe unless you really will breed her. . . there aren't enough San Clemente Island goats around to waste a breeding doe on Loss of Interest.

Please call or contact us if you have any questions—we're here to help!

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